About company

Private Joint-Stock Company «AVIACONTROL» is one of the leading enterprises of aviation industry in Ukraine in the areaof design and development of aircraft equipment.

PJSC «AVIACONTROL» specializes in designing and manufacturing of aircraft systems, appliances, aggregatesand automatic test equipment.

The history of the company dates back to its foundation in June 1955.

PJSC «AVIACONTROL» holds the Approval Certificate of Aeronautical Products Design Organization and the Production Approval Certificate issued by the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine.

Our Design Bureau priority areas are the design and development of components for the following systems:

• Fuel System
• Fire Protection System
• Anti-Icing System
• Air Preparation System
• Air Conditioning System
• Flight and Navigation Equipment
• Instrumental Equipment
• Warning Systems
• Video & Flight Data Recorders

The high professionalism of our employees allows us to develop and manufacture the products for various fields of industry.